Cooking Set

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Cookware Set, 20 pcs (container).
The Alice series teaches the ability to cook, to maintain everyday life, to take care of cleanliness. With this set, the child will feel like a pastry chef and master of culinary masterpieces, because the set includes molds, a rolling pin, a dough knife. The set is packed in a container, which is convenient for moving and storing toy dishes.
The set includes a bowl - 1 pc., A jar with a lid - 1 pc., A spoon - 1 pc., A dough knife - 1 pc., Molds - 6 pcs., A rolling pin - 1 pc., Kitchen utensils - 3 pcs. , a saucepan with a lid - 1 pc., a frying pan with a lid - 1 pc., a ladle - 1 pc.
This toy is a perfect gift for children of Ages 1 and above ( 1+)

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