Young Engineer Construction Set (186 pc-two Aeroplanes)

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This Construction set from Young Engineer teaches the child to build two Aeroplanes using 186 pieces. This set comes in a container for ease of repacking and transport. The elements are made in the form of strips, the grooves of which are connected with bolts and nuts. The kit includes detailed instructions, following which you can assemble the models presented on the packaging of the toy. In this case, the child will develop perseverance and attention. Playing with this series of constructors is not limited to assembling models according to the instructions, children can always try to create something new, using their imagination, spatial and associative thinking. All constructors of the "Inventor" series are completely different, so you can assemble a whole collection of them, which will turn into a creative workshop for your child! This toy is a perfect gift for children of Ages 3 and above ( 3+)

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