Large Kitchen

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Large Rose Green Kitchen is a kitchen of dimensions size (Standing Height of 740 mm). The kitchen is equipped with a stove, a cooker hood, a sink, a comfortable worktop, and side shelves. A dishwasher and refrigerator are also hidden behind doors on either side of the kitchen.
The set includes children's dishes and kitchen utensils: frying pan - 1 pc., Saucepan - 1 pc., Saucers - 4 pcs., Glass - 2 pcs., Forks - 3 pcs., Spoons - 3 pcs., Knives - 3 pcs. This toy is a perfect gift for children of Ages 3 and above ( 3+)

طقم مغسلة و أدوات مطبخ و صحون مع مبرد لمياه الشرب لعبة المطبخ  الكبير باللون الوردي- الطول الكامل ٧٤٠ مم- ١٧ قطعة - هدية مناسبة لعمر ٣ سنوات او اكثر